Designer Label???

It has come to my attention that there are a few local salons, both old and new attempting to circumvent the designer label contracts by purchasing “no minimum” gowns and creating their own label…and while this may or may not be an issue I think the customers should be educated. Most of the time, those not “looking” for a labeled designer gown would assume that an average bridal salon would not be buying imported , unlabeled goods at discount prices and passing them along as a designer gown with the store label or an anonymous generic label. This cannot be a trusted fact any longer.  I have seen a few come in as consignment gowns and, unfortunately I cannot sell them. I do ask where they are coming from and to my surprise they are coming from reputable salons. Maggie Sottero, Lazaro, Stella York and the like are labels identified with a style and while I understand that they are sometimes a little more expensive, they are made with better quality products, design styles and have a resale value. I do not buy or consign any ‘off-brand’ labels. I know there are shoppers just looking for a bargain but really these gowns are just like buying off the internet and while that might not matter to some, I think if you know the difference you can then make an informed decision! Buyer Beware, know where your goods are coming from and understand that the lack of quality will surely impact the value of the items. Also, if your gown is ordered from a sample item are they making the gown for you or importing it from overseas? There are several ‘ready made’ gown manufacturers surfacing that are willing to sew in a store label making it look like a designer gown…misleading? Maybe we just need to know the difference. Educate yourself, ask questions and be an informed consumer.

Designer Comparable, Inspired By, Replica are a few of the terms used in their sales brochures. This is sort of like thinking you are buying a Louis Vuitton bag on the street corner in New York…you know what you are getting but when you go to a bridal salon I feel like you are expecting the experience and the real designer label. Perhaps something to consider when booking an appointment, ask what designer labels the salon carries.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindsy Nechak says:

    I have a brand new Justin Alexander wedding dress that I am trying to sell.


    1. I am evaluating consignment gowns this morning between 10am and noon…feel free to stop by with it.


  2. Peggy Villella says:

    Where are you located?


    1. Hi Peggy, we are at 156 West Grand Avenue in Escondido. After July 8 we will be moving down the street to 128 East Grand.


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