Trends vs Tried and True

This is my favorite season, all of the new lines are out and most salons need to pass along their samples to make room for the new fall collection, also, spring trends are on the runway. Kind of exciting but unlike seasons past, there are fewer new trends.

It would appear as though we are making a circle back to classic lines and traditional fabrics. I saw many designers flirting with chic ‘hollywood glamour’ styles and silk charmeuse with fewer lace details. I am certainly not saying the lace is out but it is more of an accent than in recent days.

Quite certainly, comfort is more of a staple and mobility is a big trend but there is no ‘everyone has one of those’ styles. There are as many a-line gowns as trumpets and sheath vs ballgown is more balanced. More designers are including some sort of foundational support built in to their design and I noticed fewer choices in the separates category.  The biggest excitement I have to offer is lots of new product in this store…their bounty is upon us. I am bringing in new gowns most every day and they are beautiful!

Come in and check it out or call for your appointment 760-443-8072.


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