Bigger is Not Always Better

I was told recently by a sweet bride-to-be that she was worried I wouldn’t have much to choose from since I have such a small shop. I thought about that and truly had not given much thought to the perception that a lack of space would create doubt about selection. Truth be told, I have more selection than most stores with several times more square footage. Think about this, those high priced salons have specific contracts with the companies whose gowns they stock, they are forced to buy the sample selection every 6 months-they have no choice. I, on the other hand, have the ability to buy anything that tickles my fancy. I can choose what designer, what size and keep it trendy or unique as I sometimes enjoy.

I really love the shopping experience, it is like living vicariously through each and every lovely woman who walks through the door. I especially love the bargain and the ability to pass that along to my clients. So, next time you have a doubt about finding the perfect gown for you, give these things a thought and call me for your appointment…I am certain we can find what you are looking for together.


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