Mail Order Bridal?

DSC_0001     Recently I met a bride who ordered her dream wedding gown from a website who makes a “custom” dress in China and will ship it to you in six to eight weeks. She was looking for a particular style and obviously the best price and who could resist the most stunning photos at ridiculously low prices? She ordered it up and waited patiently, sometimes checking the mail two times a day. After 10 weeks a box appeared and she excitedly ripped into it…just to be in tears within a few minutes.

This “custom” gown was obviously not the one she had ordered so long ago, or was it–it was kind of similar–in a strange sort of way. The discrepancies were adding up to disappointment quickly and she decided to just try it on.

Her reaction to the fit was worse than expected, it just was wrong  – and then she noticed a gray thread that was sewn into the top where the skirt met the bodice. At first she thought it was a mark-dirt or grease-the closer she looked the more upset she became. She found me and we were able to find her a fabulous gown, great quality, a lovely design and fabulous price.

I know not all stories are like this, there are some brides who find their gown online and love what they get but do you want to take a chance like that on this special day-it is once in a lifetime. I wanted to share a clip from a note from a bride who was looking to sell her gown to me…

“I ordered this dress from a site in China, I learned when I received it that the picture they use is just a guideline, they make these to ‘resemble’ a designer dress. There is some slight discoloration in the front, also, you can see where they cut around the scalloped edges and there are rogue threads everywhere”.

Realizing this too late is devastating to brides who find themselves scrambling around for a gown at the last minute but it often times comes with a lesson learned. Take a look around at what is available, even if budget is your greatest concern. There are many resources to get a great quality dress at a superb price.

Check out my consignment area where brides have elected to pass along their fabulous gowns so that others may enjoy them-actually, many of these gowns have not even been worn. You know about those girls who just keep shopping and wind up with several dresses and some who actually find themselves with no event to wear it to.



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