Budget? Financing? Layaway!

If you have a budget and have set aside money for your gown, you are in great shape-but many girls are paying for their wedding as they go and the gown is a substantial part of the puzzle.

I recently saw that a bridal salon was offering financing! I said WOW! Not certain that I would go into debt to get a wedding gown but I realize the importance this holds in some brides idea of the perfect wedding! All things said, I thought about it for a minute and devised my own plan…layaway.

I can remember as a girl my mom would take my sister and I ‘back-to-school’ shopping and because we lived in a small town we had to travel to the next biggest city to buy clothes, shoes and accessories (essentially all our town had was groceries and liquor). So we each got 5 outfits, one tennis shoes, one dress shoes and socks, underwear and a sweater. But we put it on layaway and would travel back every month to make a payment and when September rolled around (yep, we used to go back to school in September) we had a brand new wardrobe for school.

Layaway is perfect, you can place a deposit to start and pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly-whichever suits you best. I don’t have many rules because I do like a steady stream of communication and I prefer you let me know if you need to change the agreement but I want the bride to be comfortable with the payments so I let them dictate the outline of the contract. Simple, straightforward and easy. I keep the gown until it is paid off but you may come for visitation any time, try it on over and over again-bring your friends or family members one by one if you choose.

If your budget is holding you back from getting the perfect gown-stress no more! Come by and see the great new gowns we have added to our inventory!DSC_1340


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  1. Patti says:

    Can you do a payment plan


    1. Yes! Payment plans are arranged on a case by case basis, I prefer that you be comfortable with the amount so layaway is not a set down payment or monthly percent but tailored to your needs…come in and find your gown and we can set it up then!


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