Spring Trends

Sleeves, pockets and the occasional bare midriff. The more I notice, the trends are in opposition of one another.
Sleeves indicate more coverage, even when they are wispy lace or sheer illusion giving brides a more conservative approach to the gown of their dreams. I know that not all sleeves are created equally, some just don’t work! I think perhaps they are just not for everyone but even adding a little lace bolero will give the appearance of sleeves without the commitment, and then you can take it off for the reception-voila! two looks in one.
Pockets in which to hide things! Even if it is a tissue or your vows, an invisible pocket that does not add to the volume of a skirt is a fabulous detail that is rarely found in a wedding gown. However, I have noticed a great many of them popping up recently–sometimes in a hard to find area–mostly farther forward than the traditional hip seam–giving it no notice whatsoever. And, quite frankly, it offers a girl the ability to feel a sense of comfort that few other dress details do.
Now, as to bare middle sections-I am old school. I am not certain that this is always the greatest idea but it is definitely stunning! These gowns also come with a panel insert that covers this area, so again, two looks for the price of one–conservative panel in for the ceremony and once you get to the party you take it off. I think my mother always said … If you have it, flaunt it!

So, I guess the trends are to maximize. Get more bang for your buck!


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